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Our Story


Our Inspiration

The Inspiration 

We believe that jewelry should be as awe-inspiring as the incredible world around us.
We also believe that today's woman deserves to wear stand out pieces that express her individuality while being versatile enough for every occasion; whatever she is doing, wherever she is. 

Since 2012, we have committed to creating a fashionable, high quality, global inspired accessory line at such affordable prices that you can wear it every day.

Less than 4 years later, thousands of women express their sense of individuality with our gorgeous, multicultural inspired designs based on our incurable wanderlust.

Our Designs

All our collections are designed in the UK and emphasize diverse cultures and global fashion trends. Our designs are based on layering and stacking and encourage the creation of unique styles with exotic roots. We love that women can mix and match bracelets of different shapes, sizes, colors and texture, using their imaginations and creativity to create a truly unique and individual look.
At Boho Betty our customer is bold and fashion forward, daring to be different.


Your Style

Strong, versatile, successful, down to earth, classy, cheeky, open-minded, imaginative, compassionate, sexy, driven, spirited, witty and ready to take on this amazing world we live in.  We are the business woman, the glam girl, the gym rat, the sports junkie, the thrill seeker, the outdoors wo-man, the trendsetter, the dreamer, the artist, the intellectual, the diva, the socialite, the wife and mother, the risk-taker. 
All grounded by the same common thread, the love of travel and being part of a community dedicated to embracing each other.




Our Promise 

Great Style, Great Quality, Great Value