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Join the Boho Betty Affiliate Family!

Join the Boho Betty Family

  • Become part of our growing family of affiliates.
  • Best part? It's totally free!
  • Spend as much or as little time as you wish promoting Boho Betty.

How Does It Work?

Your friends and social followers get a discount of 20% when they shop with Boho Betty using your personal code at checkout.

You earn 15% cash on their spend when they shop. There are no fees or costs associated with the program, and no investment to make. You send your friends and followers to the Boho Betty store with a discount code, when they use it to make a purchase, they save money and you earn commission. That’s it. There's no minimum or quota, you earn commission on every sale you refer.

You don't have to buy our bracelets to get started, but it's easier to sell when you post pictures of yourself wearing Boho Betty. So, we offer you a one-time 30% off code that you can use in the first two weeks after signing up, and you'll earn your first commission when you use it. 

Each month, we pay the cash you’ve earned into your PayPal account. You can check how much you’ve earned at any time by signing into your personal account.

When you sign up, you’ll be invited to join our Facebook group, exclusively for Boho Betty Family members. Here you’ll be able to make new friends, follow, network and share with the hundreds of other women that are already working with us. You’ll also get access to dedicated Boho Betty team members who can answer any of your questions.

If your friends love jewelry, and you’re active on social media, you’ll love this!

To become part of the Boho Betty family and start earning cash selling your favorite jewelry, just click the button below to complete the simple application form and sign up.