Lizzie Hugen's Page - Boho Betty USA

Hello gorgeous! Welcome to my Boho Betty page, a collection of beautifully curated picks just for you! I'm Lizzie, a flower crown wearing, dress twirling, cupcake eating kind of girl that owns way too many tulle skirts and enjoys sporting sequins during the day. My personal style is feminine, romantic and whimsical with a touch of boho. I'm definitely obsessed with all things fashion and share my passion on my blog,


For this collection, I handpicked the most amazing pieces that any feminine fashionista will love! These chic pieces have tons of sparkle with pops of color like pink and mint and pair well with each other so they can easily be mixed and matched to create a beautiful, personalized look. I love that these high-quality jewels can be dressed up or down and will paired with any and all of your outfits. I absolutely love these bracelets and know you will too! Plus you can get 20% off any purchase when you use "LIZZIEINLACE" at checkout <3


Happy shopping, beautiful! xo